P400 wireless restaurant pagers system

Item No.: P400 wireless restaurant pagers system
Wireless paging system provides restaurants, Cafe, food court, clinic, church and auto shop perfect chance to avoid long waiting lines of customers to eliminate crowding, reduce labor cost and thus to improve efficiency and generate more revenue.

Product features

1. 999 groups Keyboard host.

2. 16 charging slot.

3. 4 models of reminding: ring+vibration+LED, Vibration+LED, LED only, Fade-in

4. Receiver power indicator,low battery alert.

5. Support multiple keyboard call the same receivers.

6. The host password protection to prevent error settings.

7. Supper receiving sensitivity.

8. Call range 200m (open space)

9. One key calls all receivers.

10. One-key turn on/off.

11. Charge without heat.

Transmitter Panel:

1.Wireless coding:1527;  


3.Operating current:100±30mA;

4.Standby current:24±5mA;

5.Operating frequency: 315/433MHz;

6.Kit of 16pcs receiver;



1.Operating voltage:DC3.7V (rechargeable lithium battery);

2.Operating frequency:315/433MHz;

3.Standby current: 10±5mA;

4.Operating current:75mA±10mA;


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