P600 restaurant calling system

Item No.: P600 restaurant calling system
The paging system by the 9999 groups keyboard call host and 10-20 rechargeable receiver and charging cradle, marking a number on each of the receivers, stack on the charging cradle to charge when standby, take a receiver to the customer if order, and writ


  1. 999 groups Keyboard Host
  1. Up to 20 receivers are supported with a charging cradle
  2. 4 modes of reminding : ring + vibration + LED, vibration + LED, LED only, fade-in
  3. Receiver power indicator, low-battery alert
  4. Support multiple keyboard call the same receiver
  5. The host password protection to prevent error Settings
  6. Super receiving sensitivity
  7. call range 2000 m (open space)
  8. One key call all receivers
  9. One-key turn on/off
  10. Charge without heat

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